Monday, 7 March 2011

Coffee addiction

Anyone who knows me might know by now that I have become a huge coffee junkie. The problem is, it's so hard to find good coffee in London unless you know some coffee guru..It's understandable, in a place where there is such a huge tea culture but it's hard for caffeine addicts who look for something better than average.
This is why Y. and I have been on a quest lately to discover the best coffee places in London and compare their signature drinks. I can so far say that these trips have been going exceptionally well and there are some amazing gems we have found (along with hundreds of other people I suspect) so I will be very soon posting about exploring all these coffee havens - and of course how we are trying to reach perfection in creating a stumpy at home (apologies to the neighbours for the espresso machine vibration and noise).

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  1. Am I 'Y' in your blog? I think I must be.