Saturday, 18 June 2011

Last bank holiday of May

And since I recently mentioned that I have a new dining table that I made myself, I'd like to share with you a pic or two. The actual table doesn't show very well and it's covered in plates and food but that's what it's meant to be used for, right? I took these a couple of weeks ago when our good friends Evi and Andre visited for the weekend and we made a couple of things to have as dinner. The menu consisted of:

-Portuguese cheese (oh dear, I forgot the name again!), charcuterie, red hot cherry peppers filled with ricotta, Poilane bread
-Steamed asparagus and smoked salmon with parmesan shavings and honey vinaigrette
-Crevette risotto with saffron and vegetables
-Tomato tarte
-Tarte Tatin for dessert
-Vinho verde

We had a lovely time and the weekend pretty much evolved around food and on the Sunday I had booked us a table at Providores for brunch. I was looking really forward to it as I had never been there before but I ended up slightly disappointed: The food was very good, but nothing that we haven't had before at Lantana and other places of more reasonable prices. The atmosphere downstairs was cozy and casual (but too crowded on that particular day, but that's what happens with popular places I guess) but we were seated upstairs were it was more fancy-restaurant-like and it lacked the hype vibe. We all made a great discovery though: Turkish baked eggs in yoghurt!! Even I, having had a longtime love-hate relationship with eggs, could not believe I hadn't tried this before, or didn't even know it existed.

I didn't take a photo of Evi's Turkish eggs but here is a pic I found on the internet:

We also went to Ginger and White (it almost sounds like I'm advertising the place) and had a coffee before going for a walk in the Heath. Here are some pictures from that day:


  1. The dinner table is amazing as well as the food on it :)! I aggree with the comments about the Providores but it was worth it for the Tirkish eggs :)! Well the next challenge of this blog should be the Turkish eggs :)!! I'll be waiting :)!

  2. Definitely. But what about your attempt? do you have a story to share? :-)

  3. Mmmm... we tried but the paprika in powder gives a completely different taste... Maybe it should be liquid! I don't know I leave it to you to find out :)!!!

  4. You should start working on the other side of DK and publishing your own "Voyages dans la Cuisine de Rrroula Thrraka"! :D
    Ah you forgot to add the wonderful garides to the risotto above :)

  5. Hmm...In several places they say you should make the recipe with Kirmizi biber, which is a Turkish spice, containing also paprika. I'll try and check at a Turkish grocer. But Paprika should work too I would assume..